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Deposit-based Waiting List

We are very blessed to have a lot of repeat customers after 23 years of breeding, so many of our dogs are sold now through our waiting list and are never listed on our Puppies page.

Since the pandemic, almost 100% of our dogs are sold through our waiting list. Our current wait as of 3/14/2021, is 4-6 months.

It's very simple. Use the Paypal link below to send a $200 deposit. In the description field in Paypal, add a description for your reservation, like English Cream, Long female or male, or Long coat female or male, any color.

What this means... We will accept a $200 deposit from you to have first pick of the next available long coat miniature Dachshund from new litters. You will be shown the pups prior to them going on our website. So if you have always wanted an English cream, red, black/tan, or some other long coat combination, this should make it easier.

Waiting list customers are first come/first serve so if you are the first to be put on the list then you will get to see the puppies before they are ever posted on our site. Any puppies not sold through our waiting list will be posted on our Puppies page for sale.

We reserve the right to keep for ourselves any pups that we may use for future breeding or show.

We will contact you via email with photos of new puppies when they are old enough (usually 2 weeks of age). Video chat is available. We will give you 24 hours to make your decision or pass. We are always available to consult with you about your selection. If you pass, the next person in line will have the option of choosing their pick.

Your $200 deposit will expire 2 years from date of deposit so you will be able to see upcoming litters first until you find the perfect puppy. This deposit will be non-refundable and must be used within the two year period.

The $200 deposit will go towards the purchase price of the puppy, and will be deducted from your total due. Most of our pups are priced from $1200-$1400 We have earned national recognition for our dogs, especially our beautiful English Creams.

Make sure you are ready to purchase and find the perfect puppy for your family before you make your selection. Again, deposits are non-refundable. Our deposits can be paid via money order, personal check, or PayPal. Again, our current wait as of 5/10/2021, is 4-6 months from receipt of deposit.

"Come see the difference"

We all know these little dogs love the companionship of another Dachshund. Over 50% of our customers have more than one Dachshund!

We appreciate all of our customers!

Click here to contact us for specific pricing or to obtain additional information about our long coat Dachshund deposit-based waiting list.

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